Deborah began her journey in Saskatchewan. She spent most of her youth growing up on her grandparent’s farm southeast of Saskatoon. As a young child she was influenced by the changing seasons, the Northern Lights and the extreme prairie weather – all played a role in influencing her art.

On the West Coast she was inspired by the ocean, and by those special places where land and water come together. With these experiences came the desire to focus her attention (and her camera) on the details and the architecture of the life that surrounds us.

In Deborah’s words,

“My inspiration is my love and appreciation of nature. All it takes is the time to notice the details that make us the same – and that make us different as we share our earthly journey.”

“The luminosity of Light is captured, as is the mood in the moment the light shifts or disappears, images move and transform, and in the blink of an eye they disappear.”

The viewers attention is drawn to the complex details and architecture of the man-made and the natural environments and habitats. The images from her travels will transport you to a new world of history and cultures. Capturing the diversity and the changing perspectives of changing horizons, ancient & vibrant city-scapes, tranquil ocean vistas, fertile landscapes, four seasons and people watching continue to feed her passion to see life through a different lens.

“Between Two Worlds” is an example of her curiosity with nature.